Agua rafting

Who we are

Let us introduce ourselves

Well, we're two young people, Stefano from Valtellina and Alice from a town near Milan, who share a great enthusiasm for nature and rafting! For us, the river is life, and rafting means passion and respect for this sport and the environment. Stefano, your guide, has accompanied many customers down the river Adda for many years. He also travelled down the river Mendoza, in Argentina for some years in the winter because his in exhaustive love for sporting activities. He has got many qualifications: technician firaft and river rescue SAFE technician.

Agua Rafting

We have imagined, planned and brought about our centre Agua Rafting, which is one with the beautiful environment, from the start, when only trees and rocks surrounded us. The respect of nature was our inspiration.

Without her all this would not be there